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Tips & Climate Conditions

Summer Season

Summer season in Ladakh is eagerly anticipated by the travellers from far and wide as this part of the year gives tourists of all kind to enjoy a land as unique as Ladakh. During the months of July and August, the weather in Ladakh remains pleasant ranging between 20°C - 35°C. The sky also remains clear, which of course contributes immensely in making the scenic vistas of Ladakh even more gorgeous.

Rainy Season

However, the definition of the rain shadow region about Ladakh is changing now with the change in climate in the past few years. Nowadays, Ladakh has started getting rains as well or at least overcast conditions with drizzles every now and then are common in Ladakh in August. So, be ready for surprises even in the rain shadow region of Ladakh though they may not be much unless you have terrible luck.

Winter Season

Winter is the longer period than the summers in Ladakh, however, this harsh season comes with incredible opportunity to scale new heights of adventure and thrill. Be it walking on the frozen lake in the Chadar trek or attempting submit bids in many lofty mountains, winter only adds to the inspiration of the daredevils. With temperature going as low as -30°C, Ladakh has a different side to exhibit to its ardent lovers.

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